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Our IICRC Certified Water Restoration technicians are standing by for your water or mold emergency. EcoClean offers high tech solutions to flooding and water damage in Lisle, Illinois. Don’t delay, call today, and speak with a water restoration expert over the phone at NO COST. Untreated water damage will quickly damage your home and end up needing mold remediation. We work with your insurance to provide water damage restoration and water remediation to you free of cost whenever possible.

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Ecoclean Water Damage Restoration and Remediation in Lisle

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We are a local family owned & operated business

We’re the highest-rated water damage restoration and water remediation company in Lisle

Our experienced and certified team members know how to help you through the process and handle the water damage as quickly and efficiently as possible

We accept all insurance companies and self-pay

Call now for a free phone consultation. We can answer any of your questions and help guide you through the insurance process. Some jobs can be completed from beginning to end in under one week.

Check out some of our high tech tools used to ensure proper drying and prevent hazardous mold growth

When it comes to water damage restoration in Lisle, our main concern is getting everything dried out as soon as possible to prevent mold growth, which can start in as little as 36 hours. We handle all size jobs from small issues in your basement to large apartment complexes, churches, and schools. Our expert technicians will make sure to treat you right and provide the level of service you can expect from such a large, well established and reputable local company such as ours.

Call now for a free phone consultation. We can answer any of your questions and help guide you through the insurance rebuild process. Some jobs can be completed from beginning to end in under one week.

Water damage and restoration temperature and humidity tools

Our state of the art psychrometers allow us to determine the proper amount of equipment required for each job by calculating air temperature and humidity levels

Thermal imaging cameras for mold remediation

Thermal Imaging Cameras allow us to identify possible mold growth areas that other companies miss

Moisture meters for water damage remediation

Our highly precise moisture meters insure all materials are dried completely before we leave

Thermal moisture meters for water damage restoration

Our all-in-one devices allow us to scan the room with thermal imaging and then pin point the exact moisture levels without having to switch tools. It even captures temperature and humidity levels of the air!

Drying equipment for water damage remediation and restoration

We have a large selection of powerful drying equipment to insure we always have the right equipment for the job! We use only LGR dehumidifiers in order to get the humidity level down to 0%. Conventional dehumidifiers are unable of going past 40%

Water moisture meter for water removal

Hammer Probes allow us to check the moisture level deep inside of materials. Just because something is dry on the surface doesn’t mean it isn’t wet inside! Don’t let your home’s foundation rot away, call us today!

Our Water Damage Water Remediation Results Speak for Themselves!

Water Damage Restoration in Lisle
Ecoclean Water Damage Restoration Results
EcoClean Water Remediation
Water Damage in home

Frequently Asked Questions About Water Damage Restoration in Lisle

Do you accept our insurance company?

Yes! We accept all home insurance companies

Will my water loss be covered by insurance?

Maybe. It depends on your coverage and what caused the loss. If the loss occurred upstairs in the main area of your home then chances are very good that it will be covered up to the full limit of your policy. If the loss occurred in your basement it gets more tricky. a lot of losses in the basement are not covered and it is advised that you speak with your agent directly about coverage. Often times with sewage back up’s they are not covered unless you have a specific sewer back up rider on your policy and even in that case the coverage limit is usually $10,000

What do I do if insurance won’t cover the loss?

Unfortunately, the only option is to dry anything that got wet before mold starts to form. Ignoring or putting off the water damage will only lead to mold growth which will impact your family’s health and make the home completely unsellable. A bank will not allow someone to get a mortgage on a mold-infested home.

I’m unsure about which company to choose, should I just wait and think about it?

Unfortunately, time is not on your side in this case. Intentionally delaying the mitigation process is considered negligence of due diligence by your insurance company and can be grounds for them to deny your claim outright. Your homeowner’s policy and mortgage typically state that it is in your due diligence to have any water loss in the home handled by professionals as soon as you notice it.

What if insurance won’t cover the work after you have already started?

If this happens we promise to work something out with you to minimize your out of pocket cost but we will do everything in our power to work with the insurance company for full coverage. We have never had a customer pay out of pocket so far on any claims insurance has initially approved.

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