EcoClean Carpet Cleaning Offers a Unique Deep Cleaning Process designed to achieve maximum results


EcoClean’s Unique Hot Water Extraction Cleaning Service

Our All-Inclusive Carpet Cleaning Service includes everything you need for a top quality deep carpet cleaning with no additional fees or changes in price. We focus on removing not only the dirt and stains from the carpet but also allergens and pollen as well, with the goal of not only getting the carpets clean but also improving the indoor air quality as well, which is great for anyone with allergies or any kind of respiratory issues.


Dry Extraction – We start our process by vacuuming all the carpet in the home with our HEPA Filter Vacuum to remove as much dry soil, allergens and pollen as possible.

Citrus Preconditioning – We apply our Citrus based Preconditioner (our cleaning solution) to all the carpet we will be cleaning, not just the visibly soiled areas, which then goes ahead and suspends the dirt to the top of the carpet fibers and removes sixty to seventy percent of all spots and stains. The active ingredient in this cleaning solution is called d-limonene which is a non-toxic, biodegradable solvent, safe for kids and pets. It is found in oranges, lemons, limes, and grapefruits and is used in many types of foods and drinks, it is considered very safe and at the same time very powerful and effective.

Expert Spot and Stain Removal – This is the part of our process where we focus on removing the spots, stains and odor sources that were not removed during the normal preconditioning process. Whether you have food stains, wax in the carpet, wine spills, pet stains or anything in between, we are going to go ahead and specifically treat each spot individually with the appropriate spot remover. While no one can 100% guarantee any stain removal (there are certain things that can set stains in permanently, such as improper cleaning techniques) we will do everything we can, at no additional cost.

Furniture Moving – We include furniture moving in all of our prices, we just don’t move anything too heavy or too fragile. We will go ahead clean underneath the furniture and then put it back where it was on foam blocks to prevent rust stains and transfer of water-based wood stains onto the carpet. (Wood furniture has a stain on it, typically either oil-based or water-based, water based stains can “bleed” onto the carpet and leave nasty brown spots)

Deep Steam Cleaning, aka Hot Water Extraction – This is probably the part of the process people are most familiar with, and is typically the only step our competition does. This is the only method classified as “Deep” carpet cleaning and the only method that actually removes things from the carpet. We use top of the line truckmounted units mounted in our van and then bring the hoses from our van into your house to do the cleaning. These units are basically high powered vacuum units, around 100 times more vacuum power then a unit you would buy or rent from the store, that also heats our water and cleaning solutions up to 250 degrees.

Rinsing – After the carpet has been cleaned, we go ahead and rinse all of our cleaning solutions out so that nothing is left behind except for nice, clean carpet. This helps prevent resoiling from soap being left behind, which would just continue to do what soap always does, attract dirt into your carpet from dirty socks, shoes and feet. This will leave the carpets at a PH neutral level around 7 which is the PH of water and is considered very safe.

Drying – After everything has been cleaned and rinsed, we perform a drying process, where we use our truckmounted units to suck as much of the moisture up as possible, in order to insure quick dry times, typically 4-8 hours after the cleaning has been completed. Turning on ceiling fans or thermostat fans after we leave will speed this process up even more. Basements without dehumidifiers typically take longer to dry, depending on the humidity level down there. These quick dry times not only get the carpets dry quicker but also lead to less stains wicking back up from the pad as they dry. You may or may not have heard horror stories about carpet cleaning where you or your friends or family have gotten the carpet cleaned and everything looked great, only to see the stains reappear days later as the carpet finally dries. This is typically caused by a wicking process where the stains that are left behind in the pad slowly rise to the top of the carpet fibers over time. By having the most powerful equipment on the market, we are able to reduce the dry times enough to virtually eliminate this from happening. If for any reason it does happen to you, we would be more then glad to come back and go over the area again, but this typically only happens in less then one percent of our jobs.

Before we leave – Before we collect payment, we will give you the opportunity to inspect all of our work and give final approval before making any payments. We are more then happy to go over any areas that you are not happy with. If for any reason you are not happy with the service we have provided, your entire visit will be free of charge. We will also provide you with plastic shoe covers, as many pairs as you would like, and a bottle of our EcoClean spot remover, which comes with free refills for life.

Paperless Receipts – Once you have approved the work and made your payment, we will email you a receipt. We use no paper and pride ourselves on being an Eco Sustainable business.